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At nReach Capitis Laysan we want you to have PREDICTABILITY of your investment returns.  Your understanding of why we are different, how we think and what we are trying to achieve is critical in enabling us to navigate your investment goals through the maze of pit-falls and opportunities.

With our “Alternative Assets” back-ground, our vision is to be the “best” Fund Manager by measure of the predictability of returns to the investor.

Alternative Investment Portfolio's

  • An investment in alternative assets is an investment in the real economy – the assets are real, the jockeys are real and the numbers are real.
  • Slow economic growth, the unemployment rate, corruption and COVID are major contributing factors in low GDP Growth. Low corporate investment triggered by policy uncertainty, results in less job creation and a slow economy.
  • Due to the diversification of the alternative asset classes the standard deviation is reduced, resulting in lower volatility of the portfolio.
  • Alternative assets are not correlated to market volatility due to the lack of market sentiment. Alternative asset performance is based on company performance and not market sentiment due to supply and demand.
  • Investment risk is mitigated by investing in a minimum of 8 companies in 8 different sectors. This is possible with a Category 2 investment license.

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Alternative Assets


Alternative Assets

Invest In Your Future

nReach Capitis Laysan is an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSP number 47502 & VCC 0052

Why Investors Choose Us

We have the highest risk adjusted income and capital growth generation yields versus our peers.

We truly aim to help the business and their entrepreneurs develop and grow with us.

We pay income yields more often per annum than our peers.

We never engage in a transaction if we can’t create impact, such as creating new jobs for South Africa.

We value proper balance and diversification.

We not only invest in alternative assets, but we also think alternatively about investing in these assets.

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