Black Owners Equivalence

Why Our Section 3.10 “Private Equity Fund” Investment Is Likely The Solution For Your Business:

  • It is by far the most logical and practical solution to obtain fair recognition for Black Ownership, based on sound business principles and a real contribution to SA Transformation.
  • It allows you to treat Ownership arising from the Private Equity Fund investment as if that Ownership were held by Black people.
  • It is recognized by all relevant stakeholders as a compliant Black ownership solution with full points recognition of Ownership element on the B-BBEE Scorecard.
  • It has been vetted by, and allows us to work with, reputable B-BBEE consultants, ratings agencies and/or law firms.

Enterprise And Supplier Development

Why Our Balanced ESD Fund’ Is For You:

  • By using your ED & SD spend
  • Through a highly regulated environment
  • Giving you maximum BEE points (5 ED and 10 SD)
  • Most importantly, turning the spend into a ‘pay-back’ instead of a ‘pay-away’
  • Therefore creating jobs

Invest In Your Future

nReach Capitis Laysan is an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSP number 47502 & VCC 0052

Why Investors Choose Us

We have the highest risk adjusted income and capital growth generation yields versus our peers.

We truly aim to help the business and their entrepreneurs develop and grow with us.

We pay income yields more often per annum than our peers.

We never engage in a transaction if we can’t create impact, such as creating new jobs for South Africa.

We value proper balance and diversification.

We not only invest in alternative assets, but we also think alternatively about investing in these assets.

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