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nReach Capitis Laysan is an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSP number 47502 & VCC 0052


Alternative Asset Manager - SME Growth Funds

nReach Capitis Laysan is a Category 2, full discretionary Investment Manager. We comprise a leading management team of experienced and entrepreneurial fund managers in the alternative assets investment world; now blending these with conventional asset classes for superior yields with lower volatility. We started as a Section 12J fund manager, but have grown far beyond that.


Our Track Record To Date Includes:

R 0 bn

Investor Capital Under Management (AUM)

0 +

Deployed in 45+ Portfolio Companies

0 +

Retail and Corporate Investors

+R 0 bn

Combined Revenue Of Portfolio Companies

+ 0 %

Compounding Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Of The Portfolio Company Revenues

0 x

Portfolio Companies On Track for R1 Billion Valuations

0 +

Jobs Created Or Sustained

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Years Collective Asset Management Experience

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Retail Investors


nReah Capitis Woldwide IP Flexible Fund

B-BBEE Recognition for Corporates


Listed on the Cape Town Stock Exchange

We have two ambitions:

  1. In our world more SME’s succeed.
  2. We want to make alternative asset investment accessible to the masses.

Why Investors Choose Us

We have the highest risk adjusted income and capital growth generation yields versus our peers.

We truly aim to help the business and their entrepreneurs develop and grow with us.

We pay income yields more often per annum than our peers.

We never engage in a transaction if we can’t create impact, such as creating new jobs for South Africa.

We value proper balance and diversification.

We not only invest in alternative assets, but we also think alternatively about investing in these assets.

The rise of alternative assets – not necessarily in price but in popularity – has become one of the most active market trends over the past decade.

We believe that alternative assets are a great addition to any portfolio, but the usual investment rules still apply.  In the past, alternative assets were only really for the rich. Now, however, all investors have access to the asset class and an important part of any portfolio with the standout benefit being the lack of correlation with the more traditional listed instruments.

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Invest In Your Future

nReach Capitis Laysan is an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSP number 47502 & VCC 0052