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Select Income Portfolio

The Select Income Portfolio is spesifically designed for investors seeking an income.  The portfolio provides such investors with a predictable income stream over a 5 year term.

Yield: Flat 11% yield per annum paid quarterly + 0,5% additional increase with every annual anniversary.

Practical Examples:

Investment amount R 250 000 lump sum.

  • Yield is paid quarterly, in February, May, August, and November.
  • If R 250 000 is invested, the illustration shows the expected payout.
  • The Fixed Income fund has the revolutionary option to switch to the Select Growth portfolio. Please ask your advisor for more details regarding the Select Portfolios.
  • The Fixed Income Portfolio triggers income tax. Income tax is calculated as per the brackets illustrated by the Income Tax Act. Tax triggered is payable to SARS and is the responsibility of the client.
  • Once “the switch” is implemented the product switches to a growth investment, where income is not paid out to the client on a quarterly basis.

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nReach Capitis Laysan is an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSP number 47502 & VCC 0052

Why Investors Choose Us

We have the highest risk adjusted income and capital growth generation yields versus our peers.

We truly aim to help the business and their entrepreneurs develop and grow with us.

We pay income yields more often per annum than our peers.

We never engage in a transaction if we can’t create impact, such as creating new jobs for South Africa.

We value proper balance and diversification.

We not only invest in alternative assets, but we also think alternatively about investing in these assets.

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